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Well if you are a developer you probably must have heard of GitHub. Ok, that’s obvious if you are a developer who is a student learning in an institution you may or may not have heard of GitHub Students Pack -Learn to Ship Software like a Pro!

  • GitHub Education helps students as wells as teachers and schools to access the tools and events they need to shape the next generation of software development.

♩ I had a blog on How to Apply For GitHub Student’s Developer Pack, kindly check it to continue further.

In the meantime; I won’t list all the tools available because they are too many all for free, I’ll list the common and most used tools, be sure to create your account to be able to view them and apply for the pack to implement them all and enjoy the services while it lasts.

GitHub Student Developer Pack Offers

Categories :



Developer Tools


Game Development

Infrastructure & APIs

Internet of Things





Security & Analytics


services from cloud providers with free credits for students.

〉 Digital Ocean : Simple cloud hosting for developers with benefit $100 in platform credit.

〉Heroku : A flexible, easy-to-use platform to deploy, run, and manage your apps with a Hobby Dyno for up to 2 years.

〉Education Host : A platform to host project work with a designer package for 1 year.


tools for making better user experience on projects.

〉Canva : To create professional designs by featuring thousands of templates.

〉Bootstrap Studio : A framework for creating responsive website.

〉Iconscout : One of the best marketplace to get high quality icons.

〉Typeform : For creating forms, surveys & quizzes to engage and grow your audience.

〉Polypane : A browser for developers and designers by providing powerful developer tools.

Developer Tools

providing fast and accessible platform including text editors and many more.

〉GitHub : A GitHub Pro while you are student for code management.

〉Termius : SSH client that works on desktop and mobile.

〉GitKraken : Access to Pro for task tracking and timelines for project planning.

〉 : An online IDE that lets you code in over many languages. Collaboration and hosting all in one place. Once you login, Pro badge is achieved and unlimited private repls for over six months.

〉Transloadit : A versatile uploading & encoding API to automate any file conversion.

〉LingoHub : Translation management service for web, desktop and mobile apps.


Purchasing domain names for projects.

〉Namecheap : Affordable hosting and domain management benefit 1 year domain name(.me) and SSL certificate.

〉 : Best-in-class domains, email, and hosting.

〉.tech domains : This domain conveys a message that you belong to a technology industry.

Game Development

Tools that provide a platform to develop games.

〉Unity : Accomplish your creative goals using the world’s leading real-time development platform, used to create half of the world’s games.

Infrastructure & APIs

Many Application Programming Interface available that allows applications to access data and interact with external software components.

〉Pageclip : A server for your static websites and HTML forms.

〉Imgbot : This is a GitHub App that automatically optimizes your images. One have to selected which repositories or whether apply for all upcoming future repos.

〉Stripe : Web & mobile payments are processed benifitted by waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed.

〉Freshpaint : Helps in Integration of marketing and analytical skills.

Internet Of Things

An interconnection via the of internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and recieve data.

〉Arduino : Free Arduino Create Maker plan for 6 months and discounts on selected hardware.

〉Netwise : Turnkey data centre services for the hosting of critical IT infrastructure systems.

〉Adafruit : It is an open-source hardware and open-source educational electronics company based in NYC, USA.


Platform to learn and engage in bootcamp and tutorials.

〉SymphonyCasts : Master symfony and PHP with video tutorials and code challenges for free 3-month subscription.

〉FrontendMasters : Advance your skills with in-depth of front-end engineering courses.

〉OneMonth : Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python for just 30 days!

〉Interview Cake : This makes coding interviews a piece of cake with practice questions, data structures and algorithms reference pages, cheat sheets, and more.

〉Educative : Level up on trending coding skills at your own pace with interactive, text-based courses.

〉Flatron School : Learn Web Development from the premier coding bootcamp for launching developers.


Marketing tools for product solution.

〉Jammly : To help developers, designers and startups for launching their apps on the AppStore.

〉Customerly : Live chat, behavioural funnels, newsletters, and in-app surveys for SaaS.


Mobile Development Tools

〉 : Build iOS applications with drag & drop with unlimited Pro subscription free for 6 months.

〉Working Copy : Powerful Git client for iPhone & iPad.

〉Sofy : One claims for 6 months of free website and mobile app testing using machine learning.


Enchance your productivity

〉PomoDone : It helps to hack and track your time and boost your productivity.

〉HazeOver : Get focused while working on your projects or studying with HazeOver for Mac.

〉Dashlane : Managing passwords through cloud-based.

〉DailyBot : A bot manages daily stand-ups, follow-ups, retrospectives, surveys and feedback for your team.

Security & Analytics

Secure your projects and analyze tools for jotting an aundience count.

〉Datadog : Cloud-based infrastructure monitoring.

〉Astra : Security suite for your website -firewall, malware scanner & managed bug bounty platform.

〉Honeybadger : The web developer’s secret weapon: exception, uptime, and cron monitoring that’s so awesome, you’ll wish your site had more errors.

〉LogDna : Log management platform that offers aggregation, monitoring, and analysis of server and and analysis of server and application logs at any volume, from any source benifits are up to 50 GB/month of storage for 14 day retention for one year.

I hope you figured out a complete workflow of GitHub. Thanks for making till here.

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